Beribboned Bassinet Set

A vintage pink finger tip towel was the inspiration for this sweet comforter with its embellished appliquéd bow turn back sprinkled with granitos. The 196 granitos on this set might make this project overwhelming, but rest assured they can all be completed in a single evening…thanks to machine magic!

Stardust Baby Gown

The tiny front placket and corded scallops, sprinkled with pastel granitos, give this precious white lawn daygown a true vintage feel. An extended, pin-stitched placket makes dressing easy. Raglan sleeves and side seam pleats provide ample room, while the longer length covers baby's busy feet. Whether stitched in white or pastels, the tiny satin stitched dots are sure to reflect the stardust in that special wee one's bright eyes!

Meghann's Cutwork Keepsakes

A mother's love stitched in cutwork celebrates the special bond between mother and daughter continuing a tradition started in 1907. My daughter Meghann's blue and green square linen pillows have Madeira borders and lace trimmed ruffles. Blue organdy replaces the cutwork bars in the center of the M, while the cutwork G on the seafoam pillow features Venetian ladder work.
Circa 1916 Pansy Reticule

My great grandmother designed this attractive little vanity bag for The 1916 Sunday Sentinel. I chose to highlight the pansy with color, and much to my delight, Meghann is already dreaming of the lavender spring formal which must be designed to match this sweet little pansy reticule.

Snow Drops Guest Towel

Pristine guest towels once awaited damp hands and admiring eyes in every proper bath. This elegant white work floral motif transforms a pair of vintage huckaback guest towels, with damask, hemstitched ends, into a Victorian work of art! The delicate design would be equally lovely on a linen shirt waist, dressing pillow, or lingerie press.

Madeira Scissor Case & French Pin Cushion
The scissors case and pin cushion numbered among the prettiest little gifts which could be made for the Victorian woman who loved needlework. When not in use, the pin cushion occupied the center of a lady's lace-covered bureau or dressing table, so it was often elaborately embellished with embroidery and, quite often, the owner's initials. Today these two tiny accessories will still bring joy to the heart of any needlewoman.

Portobello Love Letter

At the Portobello Road antique market in London, I uncovered the most exquisite waxing seal. With the seal was a collection of love letters written in flowery Victorian script and sealed with elaborate wax impressions. I stitched up my own delicate blue seal on a linen envelope. Use this little bag to store cherished memories or stuff it with "sleep spices" for beautiful dreams.

Circa 1920

Smocked T yoke Daygowns

A perfect welcome gift for that special little cherub. With the classic look of yesterday, these precious brother and sister coordinates, "in take me home, newborn size," will thrill any mother's heart! Both delicate daygowns feature piped T yokes embellished with just a touch of embroidery. Exact placement of the yoke on the smocked piece is guaranteed thanks to modern variation of a 1920's top stitching technique.

Menton Estate Embroidery

Five years ago I found a sweet pink and white dress marked "Menton Estate: Norman, Oklahoma 1940" (shown on the cover Teddy) stuffed in the back of a drawer in an antique shop. This little dress inspired me to develop the machine embroidery techniques in this book.

Royal Baby Trousseau

In Victorian times a small collection of clothing was lovingly made, as mother readied for the birth of each child. This "first outing" set features pastel padded satin stitch embroidery inspired by Broderie Anglaise found on a carriage cover at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. " Whether you make this for a special little angel or to be stored in grandmother's hope chest in anticipation, these tiny coordinates are sure to be a cherished addition to baby's wardrobe!

Victorian Tea Cozy

"Milady's tea table is incomplete unless she possesses a tea cozy, and when once she makes one of these dainty articles she will continue fashioning them until all her friends are supplied."

Delineator 1907

Milady's Boudoir Pillow

"No matter how dainty or slumber-wooing are the pillows for the divan, nothing is so inviting, so grateful, or satisfying as the feel of linen on a comfy pillow. In any event, keep embroidery as unobtrusive as possible, so that my lady's repose may not be disturbed by excessive ornamentation." Today this heart shaped pillow of blush pink linen, with its lace trimmed scalloped edges and delicate monogrammed bow wreath, would still be a lovely addition to any lady's boudoir.

Ornate Rose Table Runner

An ornate cutwork rose transforms the pure and simple beauty of fine Irish linen into a table runner that may well become tomorrow's heirloom. A triple rose motif at each end of the runner is set off by a pin-stitched band with perfectly mitered corners. These blooming roses are sure to enhance your dining pleasure!

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