Debbie Glenn Pre-Day Classes


Cutwork Bow Envelope

(Sewing Machine Only, 6 Hrs., All)

*Prior satin stitch work (appliqué) will come in helpful, but not required as pivot points will be reviewed in class


This lovely cutwork bow case makes an elegant lingerie case,

gift bag, or boudoir pillow for a special friend!  Join Debbie for

a day of machine magic and learn the secrets for creating beautiful

finished edges and cutwork using your machine satin stitch.  Her

unique edge stitching technique eliminates poor stitch quality on

bias edges, difficult trimming, unstable bars, and those dreaded

stabilizer and fabric fuzzies often associated with machine work. 

Smooth graceful curves make this lovely bow with it’s sheer

organdy inserts a perfect project for all skill levels.  

Students spend the morning stitching samples of openwork,

Australian windowpane, Richleau bars, and fine corded edges;

then have all afternoon to work on the project motif.  Most leave

class with the Irish linen heirloom envelope complete, but even

the cautious depart full of ideas for future projects. 



Bambury Cross

(Sewing Machine, 6 Hrs., Beginner-Intermediate)

* Knowledge of basic garment construction required for at home completion.

  Hand embroidery limited to surface details (straight stitch, French knot, satin stitch balls) on rocking horse

Moms and toddlers alike will fall in love with the pastel rocking horse

on this precious pique sundress trimmed with sky blue whip stitch

piping.  Bambury Cross showcases a new shadow appliqué technique

which eliminates the need to trim away excess underlying colored

fabric and the possibility of accidentally cutting the surface fabric

after stitching is finished. 


Straight stitch outlining, especially when thread matches the fabric

shadows, replicates hand shadow embroidery more closely than the

pin or zigzag stitch used in the traditional method.  Students learn

how to prepare pre-trimmed cut outs, sandwich fused cut outs in

between a sheer lawn top and base fabric block, outline the rocking

horse motif using a straight stitch, and add hand details. 


Once the tiny insert is embellished, Debbie shares her secrets for

applying perfect piping which makes the rest of the garment

construction a breeze.





Rambling Rosie

Sewing Machine Only, 6 Hrs., Intermediate

*Knowledge of basic garment construction (application of piping, French seams) required


Toddlers will love the garden of lollipop flowers,

complete with “flutterby,” which bloom from the

banded appliqué hemline of this precious little 2T-5



Who says it take a hand needle or a machine

embroidery unit to recreate the look of handwork. 

Leave it to Debbie to turn everything you’ve ever

leaned about embroidery upside down.  Join her for a

day of machine magic and learn how to create an

authentic looking stem and blanket stitch with your

sewing machine using pearl cotton as top thread, as

well as how to recreate Madeira motifs.  New water

soluble products make it possible to prepare the

butterfly and basket by machine without adding seam

allowances to the motif, hand basting, or using a

needle or template to turn under raw edges. 


While class time will focus on the unique “hand stitched” elements of this embroidered frock, moms and grandmas

will appreciate the modified dolman sleeves which look like traditional puff sleeves when worn, but greatly simplify construction and extend garment wear. 


2009 Debbie Glenn School

Join Debbie for 4 days of machine magic and learn some of her unique techniques for recreating handwork by machine. 

Class time concentrates primarily on mastery of these new techniques.  Students make reference samples prior to

beginning garment construction.  Confidence gained making samples leads to successful completion of class projects as

well as the incorporation of the new techniques into future projects.


Petit Fleur Scalloped Tab Frock

(Sewing Machine & Hand, 6 Hrs., Intermediate- Advanced)

*Prior satin stitch work very helpful.  Instructor recommends all students review appliqué pivot positions.

  Hand embroidery limited to lazy daisies, stem stitch, and granitos



Don’t you love the look of classic children’s clothing!  This delightful French

inspired ensemble really turns back the clock to a time when thoughts of love

and care were woven into the construction of a young lady’s wardrobe. 


Special nostalgic touches on the sweet little toddler frock include a shaped

front mock placket featuring satin stitched scallops, yoke line tucks, and contrast

overcast lace trimmed collar and cuffs.  Of course, as with all things vintage,

everything is sprinkled with delicate floral hand embroidery.

With Debbie’s corded satin stitched scallops and lace application it’s actually

possible to recreate all but the sprinkles of embroidery by machine… producing a

fabulous French frock that truly looks handmade.  While all satin stitch work will

be completed by machine, Debbie will discuss exciting hand sewing applications

as well. 








Circa 1940 French Finery: Coat, Bonnet, & Fairy Catcher

(Sewing Machine & Hand, 18 Hrs., Intermediate- Advanced)

*Prior satin stitch work very helpful.  Instructor recommends all students review appliqué pivot positions.

  Hand embroidery limited to lazy daisies, stem stitch, and granitos







“In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade”.

                  Irving Berlin




What little girl wouldn’t feel special wrapped up in this cozy spring

ensemble.  Our sweet vintage hand embroidered French coordinates

include a precious fully lined pique raglan sleeve coat with an embroidered

scalloped collar and feather stitched tucks, a unique two piece bonnet

(adjustable for better fit) with a scalloped button on piped crown and brim,

face framing lace frill, and removable silk satin ribbon wash ties;

plus a child sized purse… originally designed for catching fairies, it might be

the perfect place to store a tiny Easter egg.