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Love and Stitches German Heirloom Batiste Interfacing

   Debbie’s Haute Couture Secret

  1. Adds a support skeleton: distributes & supports the weight of the skirt, especially helpful in  smocked dresses, eliminates puckering & dipping
  2. Substitute for an under collar or lining (to give single layer Madeira, heirloom, cutwork, and appliquéd edge stitched tea towels, cuffs, or collars body)
  3. To prevent shape distortion of bias edges and reduce piping color show through
  4. 36” width means it can be used as a garment interlining to add structure and reduce wrinkling (linen sheath dresses and inexpensive cotton piques)
  5. Applied under the smocked design area to produce more substantial pleats in netting & fine fabrics (Liberty, lawns, silks)
  1. To prevent color discrepancies between the pleated and non pleated areas in sheer  fabrics like Nelona.
  2. To eliminate the visibility of securing stitches and trailed threads in beading and hand embroidery projects. 
  3. In quilting especially paper piecing & appliqué to stabilize fabrics, also eliminates raveling of dupioni
  4. To stabilize vintage linens & lace (keeps deteriorating fabrics in one piece, allows fragile items to be used).
  5. As traditional interfacing



See Thru Industrial Weight Teflon Sheet (18" x 21")

Totally Stable


Super Solvy


Love and Stitches Perfect Piping Cord (5 yd. pkg.)


API Wash Away Basting Glue (water soluble adhesive) 

Purple Thang


KONA Cotton (45" wide)

Japanese Cotton Lawn (60" wide)

Italian Organdy (45" wide)



YLI Heirloom Thread -  100 wt.

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